i-protex™ bandage lenses

i-protex™ bandage lenses

i-protex lenses provide a practical alternative to third eyelid surgery. A lens provides a protective shield for the cornea, ideal for animals with bilateral or recurrent problems or even those with only one eye. It allows the patient to see and the transparent lens allows visualisation of the cornea for signs of oedema, and other inflammatory changes. The logo on the lens allows for easier orientation and visualisation on the eye. It also aids with identification of inversion.

The lenses are comfortable for the patient and prevent contact between the corneal surface and the eyelid margins.

Lenses need to be removed if flourescein is being used to assess depth of corneal ulceration, which offers a good opportunity to clean the lens prior to re-insertion.

Each soft contact lens is manufactured from Filcon 4A with a 74% water content suitable for long term wear by providing good oxygenation of the cornea. Each lens contains a UV shield. Tinted lenses are made to provide a 30% reduction in light transmission and are appropriate for animals particularly equines suffering from photophobia that cannot be stabled away from bright sunlight. Opaque lenses are coated with a non-transparent covering to prevent any light transmission and may be suitable for animals with significant corneal damage/scarring in non-visual eyes.

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