Slit/Stab Knives

Slit/Stab Knives

Beaver Xstar® Safety Slit Knives - 378822

2.2 mm, 45°, double bevel, bevel up. Designed for smooth penetration and accurate incision widt..

Beaver-Visitec® EdgeAhead® Knife - 581109

3.2mm, Angled 40°, bevel up. Sharp tip and straight shoulders are designed to create or enlarge..

Sharpoint™ Slit Knife 3.2mm

3.2mm, Angled, double-bevel. Sharpoint™ double-bevel slit knives create accurate width incision..

Sharpoint™ Stab Knife

30°, Straight. Sharpoint™ stab knives are heat-tempered to provide a strong, true point for easy pen..

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