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Heine™ Beta® Battery Handle

2.5V Battery Handle, takes 2 x "C" Cell Batteries..

Heine™ Finoff Transilluminator

Finoff Transilluminator Head to fit Heine Handles; available in 2.5V and 3.5VSuitable for fluorescen..

Heine™ Beta® NT Rechargeable Handle

3.5V Rechargeable handle complete with NiMH rechargeable battery and bottom insert for NT 300 t..

Heine™ BETA®200 Oto/Ophthalmascope Diagnostic Sets

Heine BETA200 Sets are available with a choice of 2.5V or 3.5V power supply. Sets are supp..

Heine™ Operating Otoscope with K180® Ophthalmoscope Set

An Oto/Ophthalmoscope set with assured build quality. G-434.10.11 Operating Otoscope 2.5V&..

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