Welch Allyn Pan Optic® Ophthalmoscope

A lightweight, easy to use ophthalmoscope, ideal for veterinary use. The innovative optical design  of Axial PointSource™ Optics allows wide angle examination of the fundus, with easy access through undilated pupils, giving a similar view to a monocular indirect.

The Pan Optic gives a 5x larger view of the fundus with a 25° field of view compared to the standard 5° field of view of the direct ophthalmoscope. The patient eye cup establishes the proper viewing distance, screens out ambient light and helps with orientation. The dynamic focusing wheel adjusts the focus in a continuous smooth action for more precise control.

Complete set includes:

  • Pan Optic® head
  • Li-ion handle
  • Charging pod
  • Transformer
  • Case

  • Fast, easy entry into small undilated pupils
  • 5X larger view of the fundus Vs. standard ophthalmoscopes in an undilated eye
  • Greater working distance improves comfort for practitioner
  • 25° field of view versus the 5° field of view of standard ophthalmoscopes
  • Can be combined with the iExaminerTM™ to digitally capture, store, and share fundus images
  • Six inches from veterinarian to patient's eye
  • Complete compatibility with existing Welch Allyn 3.5V power sources

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